Peaceful Porch 8oz Candle


The Peaceful Porch Candle is made from the highest quality products. Every candle is hand-poured using a 100% vegan, organic soy wax and cotton core wicks. 

8oz jar: 40-45 hours

Peace on the Porch:

Fresh apple blends with dewy flower petals to create a clean, light scent that will entice the senses. This is a very fresh and clean fragrance.

Rustic Lodge:

Crisp forest greens & warm spices create a cozy layer of pure comfort and peace. 

Lemon Verbena:

Bright citrus oils of lemon and orange enhance the refreshing scent of natural lemongrass.

Soul Sister:

An attractive medley of soft, powdery florals and night-blooming jasmine embraced by sparkling sea crystals and aquatic musk layered with marine-drenched woods.


Sugar mandarin, pink grapefruit, and sunny orange swirled with tart red currant, island guava, and juicy papaya with shimmering papaya. If you like Volcano, you will LOVE Eruption!

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