Lineage Candles


9 oz. Candle made with 100% US sourced soy wax. Reusable amber-colored low ball glass with kraft paper lid. 50 hour burn time. Made in the United States

Weight: 1.3 lb (0.59 kg) • Dimensions: 3.3 x 3.3 x 4 in (8.4 x 8.4 x 10.2 cm)

Boot Jack:

There’s something familiar about this scent - notes of lavender, seasoned oak, sage, and perhaps even leather. It’s a fresh scent, not overly masculine or feminine. There’s an underlying rich and somewhat earthy note that comes across as warm and amber-like.

Pine Camp:

Pine, balsam, a bottom note of cedar - our Pine Camp candle reminds us of a night spent camping or a lazy day walk in the woods. It's the perfect way to bring the outdoors in and family and friends together. Pine Camp is a year-round favorite.

Satsuma and Saffron:

Satsuma & Saffron offers a refreshing, spicy blend of sweet citrus, jasmine, orange flower, and of course, red ginger. Middle and bottom notes of cardamom, musk and sandalwood temper the sweet. Satsuma & Saffron makes a great "reading-on-the-porch" candle.

Tobacco and Spice:

Tobacco & Spice Candle offers a complex, earthy blend of aged tobacco leaf, pepper, vetiver, and sandalwood. 

Wiley's Cider:

Welcome the fall and winter holidays with warm spiced cider. Nostalgic notes of apple, clove, and cinnamon share the nose with some orange peel and nutmeg. Added to the bottom note is a hint of spruce for warmth and an outdoor fall snap. This fragrance and the design of our old fashioned glass, makes Wiley's Cider a great addition to any Halloween, Thanksgiving, or fall décor.


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